DynaBioS framework is a system framework for biological multi-domain simulators, and the DynaBioS platform facilitates to construct complex biological simulators.

The advantages of the DynaBioS framework:

The features of the DynaBioS framework:

In the DynaBioS framework, simulations are executed as cooperations among software components, which imitates biological activities as interactions among functions and phenomena.
Each simulator system is composed of a system core and components. The system core consists of a simulation controller and a model manager. The simulation controller manages the sequence of the system operations that are defined in a simulation scenario. The model manager maintains the simulation data followed by the definition of a model object. The simulation scenario and the model object are described by the user.

DynaBioS platform considerably reduces the costs in the development of simulators, by implementation of components using existing software, and by reuse of components.
DynaBioS allows for collaborative implementation of a simulation system by researchers in different domains. Furthermore, easy replacement of each component model dealing with a phenomenon is enabled.